ACCES – Spain

ACCES was founded in late 2004 to bring together the current music scene in Spain. It is intended to help to structure the sector reflecting the specific national identities that coexist within the Spanish State, to establish associations and regional authorities in the Autonomous Communities, to represent places with public partners, including the State and civil society, promote the dissemination of new directories and / or minority, to work for the sustainability of places up and support the creation of suitable places.

ACCES represents almost 200 places in Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla León, Comunidad Valenciana, Extremadura, Galicia, Balearic Islands, Madrid, Navarra, Basque Country and Region of Murcia for the structured in most regional associations.

 Club Plasma – Belgium

Club Plasma Platform Sound of Modern Music, is a network of concert organizers located in Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels). Created in 1995 and coordinated by the Association Court Circuit, it aims to professionalize the activities specifically focused on contemporary music, promote joint promotion and improving the infrastructure of existing sites.

These places, which represent the major cities of the French-speaking Belgium, also offer artist residencies, training and rehearsal.

 d’Orfeu – Portugal

d’Orfeu is a Portuguese cultural association founded in 1995 with the aim of promoting and fostering the musical practices in a logical expression transdisciplinary. d’ORFEU outlined his plans for promoting education, research, creation and dissemination of music, in an ongoing exchange with other disciplines. d’Orfeu gradually extended by supporting initiatives such as festivals and educational programs.

 FEDELIMA – France

FEDELIMA, is a French national network of music venues whose current projects revolve around the distribution and support of artistic practices in the area of live music. It is now gathering over 130 venues spread across the French territory. The network conducts observation, analysis and support tools to help the operators to professionnalise and to grow around in partnership with their politic, economic and civil environment.

 VNPF – Netherlands

VNPF is a Dutch organization serving an established venue and festival community, focused on creating and driving platforms that service fundamental industry needs.

VNPF is an association of 92 rock/pop venues and festivals. Other kind of programmes like jazz, spoken word, (slam) poetry, comedy, et cetera are of increasing importance. VNPF unites almost all (small and big) more important venues and festivals in the Netherlands. Objectives of VNPF are serving the common interests of the venues towards government (cities, provinces and state), audiences and performing artists, serving its members and promoting their professionalism, promoting pop culture as a performing arts in general, organising network meetings.

About learning activities, VNPF participates in the Academy for the Performing Arts a compound annual number of courses specially designed for professionals in the performing arts. VNPF has each year at least two interns in the office. They come from high vocational education or a university. They get the chance to gain practical experience or graduate on a topic in our industry. We are currently developing a management development program for ‘young’ professionals.


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